What the financial sector taught me about skincare

After spending so many years doing late shifts at the office, so many hours in meetings, so many business lunches that were a waste of time and so many long distance phone calls that weren’t even necessary, it’s safe to say that when my time working in the financial sector came to an end, I was more than happy.

All that hard work had a serious toll on my mental and physical health. After finishing I went on a complete detoxing regime. I started eating more healthily (it was so easy just to get fast food for lunch whilst at work, mainly because it was fast!) and exercising more frequently.

One perk I had kept from my job was the local gym membership. Despite this change in nutrition and exercise there was one thing that I thought may now have been beyond repair…my skin!

All those late nights had really taken a deep toll on my skin, particularly the skin on my face.

applying gel to under eyes

Often I look at pictures of me when I first started the job and I really regret not taking better care of my skin. Until very recently, every time I looked in the mirror it would make me incredibly sad – I just couldn’t bare to look some days!

Despite this setback there was a light at the end of the tunnel (there always is isn’t there). My worst areas were definitely the bags and lines beneath my eyes. After consulting with a friend, she suggested that I try some aloe vera eye gel.

She said that the stuff she uses contains extracts of not only aloe vera, but also seaweed! It’s all designed to have a cooling and healing effect on dry and baggy under eyes.

I thought the state of my face couldn’t get much worse so I had nothing to lose. After trying it I was quite surprised by the almost instant results.

This is now my trusty go-to product. I don’t travel without and I use it twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening.

If you’re like me, and your face is starting to verge on the saggy side, then I highly recommend that you give this a go.