Christmas Mayhem

Is anyone else really feeling the stress of Christmas this year? Like way more than other years? Well, I sure am. I don’t think lockdown helped. I usually have all my presents bought and a fair amount of them wrapped by the time December comes around… But it’s now mid-way through the month and I’m hectically trying to round up a list of gifts I still need to buy and preparing myself to tackle the hell that is city centre shopping.


Well with Christmas around the corner, I thought I’d share with you my favourite pick of the festive season….

This luxury christmas cracker has been my saving grace this year. And when I say luxury, I mean luxury product without the luxury price point! I’m not usually a fan of online shopping, but with the shops being shut as a result of the lockdown I didn’t really have another option. I stumbled across this little gift whilst looking through an online guide and was shocked to see its purse-friendly price tag. The pink packaging makes it the perfect gift for all your female friends and family. AND you get to choose 1 of 8 vegan-friendly skincare goodies to go inside it! I got my hands on 10 of these to give to my sisters, in-laws and work colleagues. I obviously picked one up for myself too!

I do feel a bit guilty for shopping online this Christmas though. I mean, like I said, I didn’t really have another option, but I can’t help but think of part I’m playing in the death of the high street. I’ve always been a fan of in-store shopping and it’s taken me far too long to come round to the idea of ordering online. I have a few friends who own their own shops in town, and I just feel awful knowing how much the two lockdowns have affected them this year. I have shopped locally where possible though… Even the lovely cracker I mentioned earlier is from a small business based in Norfolk – isn’t that amazing!

Sorry, I got a bit side-tracked there! Anyway, enjoy your cracker shopping and I hope you have a very Merry Christmas ?