A Birthday Gift For A Beard Lover

In my latest post I discussed a popular cosmetic product for women – the Setting Spray. So, now I have been thinking maybe I should also write something about a men’s grooming product –  just to be fair and even it out a bit.

Actually, I spent days just deciding on what grooming product it would be nice to talk about in my next post. There is a multitude of different products that anyone can buy over the internet or on the high street, but unfortunately I am only familiar with some of them like hair clay, beard balm, beard oil and mustache wax.

I did my research on the internet and I found out about an amazing set of products, something called a Beard Grooming Kit. From the name you can tell that it’s obviously something you would use on your beard.

I became particularly interested in it not because I was thinking about the next topic for my blog, but also, because I suddenly remembered my brother is a complete and utter beard lover.

Last time I saw him he reminded me that I need to get him a gift for his birthday next month. For me, taking the time and doing my research is like killing two birds with one stone –  I get a nice topic to talk about on the blog, and I also get an idea as to what I will give my brother for his birthday.

Once I realized that the product is in fact a set of miniature beard products, I become so excited to know what specifically the products were inside the box. Based on my research, a good kit that is worthy of buying should have a beard wash for cleansing your beard, a conditioner (or anything that can be used as alternatives) for nourishment and making your beard shine and healthy looking, and a brush or comb for styling your beard.

There are many companies selling this kit with different items inside each box. You should take your time when It comes to choosing one – you’ll want to  make sure you are not overpaying as a lot of them are expensive. However, it’s worth remembering that you’ll be, more often than not, saving money by buying the complete set compared to buying the items individually.

This really is a perfect present for any man who loves their beard, just like my brother loves his. Unboxing this kit will definitely excite him and I am so excited to see his reaction when he does!