Facilitating Wealth

Everyone wants to figure out if maybe there’s some hidden secret to making money. The way of finding that one way to transition from struggling or maybe just doing alright towards being what some might call “living large”. Now I hate to be the one to burst anyone’s bubbles but realistically that method simply doesn’t exist, as far as I know anyway. A friend of mine used to have a saying “making money isn’t easy; if someone says that it is they’re trying to sell you something” I very much agree with his sentiments in that statement. Making money isn’t easy, enjoyable at times maybe but it’s under no circumstances easy in any way shape or form.

There are certain things you can do to help facilitate growth and although some of it may sound like hogwash to you I honestly believe that they’ll be useful to you not only¬† in the short run but for the future as well. My years have taught me many lessons but if I tried to write them all down I don’t think that would make for very conducive learning. Information dumps seldom qualify as good things so I won’t burden with any now either.

What I’ll do instead is share with you one of the few approaches to wealth I feel is criminally underappreciated, that is keeping yourself healthy. Now that might not seem like much but I’ll be completely honest if you confront me about what I think staying healthy has to do with being wealthy I can’t give you a point by point explanation. Over I simply noticed that people who took care of themselves seemed to find more opportunities or a better way to put it would be that they were in positions to capitalize on fortune that had come their way. I don’t mean for any of you to go overboard and pump iron like madmen/women but I just mean that you shouldn’t disregard the condition of your health. Eating a little better (not always of course) and leading a bit more of an active lifestyle are enough effort in my opinion.