Specialty Products Within The Market

There are a lot of things about the men’s grooming industry that have intrigued me and I have to say there’s a lot of things about this industry that keep surprising me. When they said this was an industry for a targeted audience they weren’t kidding. That is by no means a negative about the industry however seeing as they produce specialty products and that’s just how things tend to go when you provide products and services for upscale clients. However there are a few misconceptions about the industry that I think people should be more aware of.

A lot of people seem to have this misconception that the products that get produced in this industry are simply regular items with a fancy label attached in order to bump up the price. Although I obviously cannot speak for all of the companies and businesses out there but for the most part this statement is false. Let’s have an example to illustrate this fact. A lot of people are under the impression that beard combs are just like regular combs and are simply marketed as being specialized for beards. The reality of the situation is actually that they are not only functional because of the materials used in production but are also necessary for the proper maintenance of a beard as it grows. The product itself is not a regular comb that you can buy at a convenience store but in most cases is a product of artisanal crafting and that factors into the pricing of these products. I’m not here to tell you to go out and buy the most expensive beard combs either because at some point it does start to sound a bit ridiculous but a good quality comb is certainly worth investing in if you’re growing a beard why not give this beard comb a try. As to why you would need this when growing a beard the explanation is much simpler than you’d think. Combing a beard allows you to not necessarily dictate but more on encourage your beard to grow in a specific direction. And the difference between a beard comb and a beard brush is that a beard brush is useful for when your beard is dry and the comb is used for when your beard is wet. It’s all rather simple but at the end of the day quality cost and that shouldn’t surprise anybody.

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Why the men’s grooming industry is still growing.

According to Euromonitor the male grooming industry is projected to reach over 60 billion US dollars by the year 2020. It’s quite the substantial bit of growth even if it is just projections seeing as the global male grooming market was valued at 47 billion dollars back in 2015. There are a multitude of reasons for that growth but the large factor for the dramatic increase would be the rapid and somewhat surprising growth in sales for men’s toiletries. Men’s toiletries are expected to become the leading products in men’s grooming in terms of sales as of 2020 the one to receive the most substantial of the industry’s growth.

Another reason that might explain the massive growth in men’s grooming would probably be the same factors that explain the increase in the makeup industry as a whole. The trend of the growing international market of course affects men’s grooming. The proliferation of online shopping very clearly affects the market seeing as a larger audience is available for your products. And of course to keep up with growing demands the industry needs to grow on the production side as well which is why there are more brands of skincare, beard care, and moustache related products than you’d probably care to remember. You’re pretty much spoiled for choice as the years go by. For example you’ve got companies with different products such as Percy Nobleman’s Beard Balm and such springing up all over the place. The understanding that men’s products are becoming prolific makes perfect sense to us in the modern age as the concept of male grooming is pretty common place for a majority of the world.

There’s nothing wrong with being concerned with your appearance and that includes men too of course. The modern era of social media that we live in has created a different approach to caring about your looks. And that growing obsession with a person’s personal appearance means there’s a demand. And that in turn is creating a market that should be even greater over the years to come.

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A Birthday Gift For A Beard Lover

In my latest post I discussed a popular cosmetic product for women – the Setting Spray. So, now I have been thinking maybe I should also write something about a men’s grooming product –  just to be fair and even it out a bit.

Actually, I spent days just deciding on what grooming product it would be nice to talk about in my next post. There is a multitude of different products that anyone can buy over the internet or on the high street, but unfortunately I am only familiar with some of them like hair clay, beard balm, beard oil and mustache wax.

I did my research on the internet and I found out about an amazing set of products, something called a Beard Grooming Kit. From the name you can tell that it’s obviously something you would use on your beard.

I became particularly interested in it not because I was thinking about the next topic for my blog, but also, because I suddenly remembered my brother is a complete and utter beard lover.

Last time I saw him he reminded me that I need to get him a gift for his birthday next month. For me, taking the time and doing my research is like killing two birds with one stone –  I get a nice topic to talk about on the blog, and I also get an idea as to what I will give my brother for his birthday.

Once I realized that the product is in fact a set of miniature beard products, I become so excited to know what specifically the products were inside the box. Based on my research, a good kit that is worthy of buying should have a beard wash for cleansing your beard, a conditioner (or anything that can be used as alternatives) for nourishment and making your beard shine and healthy looking, and a brush or comb for styling your beard.

There are many companies selling this kit with different items inside each box. You should take your time when It comes to choosing one – you’ll want to  make sure you are not overpaying as a lot of them are expensive. However, it’s worth remembering that you’ll be, more often than not, saving money by buying the complete set compared to buying the items individually.

This really is a perfect present for any man who loves their beard, just like my brother loves his. Unboxing this kit will definitely excite him and I am so excited to see his reaction when he does!

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See the Magic

“Time is Gold” – This is quite a famous saying that I seem to hear a lot. It is especially true for people who work within a business or are an employee. It’s true – if we exert our time and effort into something, we always want to see a good result from it that is long lasting, as no one likes to see something that we’ve invested a lot of time into go to waste.

I believe, as a person, if we are truly aiming for ultimate success, we should work hard not only for money or wealth but also for our health. And while striving for that goal, we should not forget about taking good care of our looks along the way. We are also responsible in making ourselves look presentable. All of us want to look good in the eyes of others, right? And in order for us to do so, it’s important we put time aside for just that.

Are you one of those people who put a lot of effort in looking presentable before going to work or somewhere important?

If yes, then you might want to carry on reading and maybe you’ll get some good, new ideas.

I know a lot of you are taking too much time and effort to make yourself look good. As a woman, there is so much for us to do to improve our image and to look good, especially when putting makeup on our face.  We are very meticulous when applying our face cream, lipstick and face powder, etc. Applying all this makeup, takes up a lot of our time and effort.

If you don’t want your makeup to wear off easily then you probably need the help of a setting spray. Think of it as adding the finishing touch to your daily makeup routine. It does all the magic of preserving the freshness of the makeup on your face that makes you look amazingly beautiful. Try it and see the magic for yourself!

Looking at different industries

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I had a lot of fun writing out my first full length post, but this time round I’m going to do something a little different. It’s not quite ready yet but will be in a week or so.

What the financial sector taught me about skincare

After spending so many years doing late shifts at the office, so many hours in meetings, so many business lunches that were a waste of time and so many long distance phone calls that weren’t even necessary, it’s safe to say that when my time working in the financial sector came to an end, I was more than happy.

All that hard work had a serious toll on my mental and physical health. After finishing I went on a complete detoxing regime. I started eating more healthily (it was so easy just to get fast food for lunch whilst at work, mainly because it was fast!) and exercising more frequently.

One perk I had kept from my job was the local gym membership. Despite this change in nutrition and exercise there was one thing that I thought may now have been beyond repair…my skin!

All those late nights had really taken a deep toll on my skin, particularly the skin on my face.

applying gel to under eyes

Often I look at pictures of me when I first started the job and I really regret not taking better care of my skin. Until very recently, every time I looked in the mirror it would make me incredibly sad – I just couldn’t bare to look some days!

Despite this setback there was a light at the end of the tunnel (there always is isn’t there). My worst areas were definitely the bags and lines beneath my eyes. After consulting with a friend, she suggested that I try some aloe vera eye gel.

She said that the stuff she uses contains extracts of not only aloe vera, but also seaweed! It’s all designed to have a cooling and healing effect on dry and baggy under eyes.

I thought the state of my face couldn’t get much worse so I had nothing to lose. After trying it I was quite surprised by the almost instant results.

This is now my trusty go-to product. I don’t travel without and I use it twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening.

If you’re like me, and your face is starting to verge on the saggy side, then I highly recommend that you give this a go.

Gold Preis

I spent my whole career working in the financial industry and I think I’ve picked up a thing or two along the way.

This blog will be my personal space where I’ll mainly spout drivel, but hopefully drop a few tidbits of wisdom from time to time. I’ll mainly be looking into rapidly growing sectors in the investment world.